Cleaning Equipment

Choose Your Cleaning Equipment

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment. A clean toilet partly contributes to customers being happy and safe. And happy customers will always come back. So to have a clean toilet, you will need a complete set of cleaning equipment. And we have them too.

Single Wringer Bucket

Single Wringer Extra Bucket Mop

CE04 (630x480x790mm)

Wringer Single Bucket Mop

CE05 (370x505x790mm)

Bucket Mop Trolley and Mop

CE06 (340x460x945mm)

Bucket Mop Trolley Down Press

CE07 (340x460x945mm)

Wringer Single Bucket Mop Colourful

CE08 (312x396x750mm)

Single Wringer Bucket Mop Down Press

CE09 (640x380x800mm)

Urinal Screen/Tabs

Urinal Bio Tab Odour control

CE01 (Enzyme Base 50gm/pc)

Urinal Triangle Block Odour Control

CE02 (Para Base 90gm/pc)

Urinal Screen Anti-splash Odour Control

CE03 (50gm/pc 150mm diameter)

Wet Floor Sign

Caution Wet Floor Sign A-Stand

Wording Available: Cleaning In Progress, Caution Wet Floor, Work in Progress

Caution Sign Cone Cleaning in Progress

Wording Available: Cleaning In Progress
Large: 1170mm H
Small: 930mm H

Floor Wind Blower

Floor Wind Blower 750watt

Rotation Rate: 3 speed
Weight: 15kg

Floor Wind Blower 900watt

Rotation Rate: 3 speed
Weight: 16.6kg
Air Flow: 110m3/min