Toilet Fittings

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Let’s not forget some of the most useful products that you can have to compliment your new toilet cubicle system. These useful toilet fittings are also available for you to add-on to your existing toilet. Our variety of products will leave you speechless but we are always here to help you. First, have a look at what we have to offer. 

Paper Towel Dispenser

Transparent Jumbo Roll

TDJR01 (255x125mm)

Transparent Jumbo Roll

TDJR02 (280x120x310mm)

Stainless Steel Jumbo Roll

TDJR03 (255x120mm)

Transparent Jumbo Roll

TDJR04 (265x120x300mm)

Duro Jumbo Roll

TDJR05 (265x120x300mm)

Transparent Jumbo Roll

TDJR06 (270x127x301mm)

Duro Major Multi Fold T

TDPT01 (270x370mm)

Duro Major Multi Fold W

TDPT02 (270x370mm)

Stainless Steel Paper Towel

TDPT03 (280x360mm)

Paper Towel Multi Fold

TDPT04 (275x118x372mm)

Paper Towel Multi Fold

TDPT05 (275x118x372mm)

Auto Cut Tissue Dispenser Hand Roll

TDHR01 (340x225x375mm)

Manual Tissue Dispenser Hand Roll

TDHR02 (332x280x240mm)

Auto Tissue Dispenser Hand Roll

TDHR03 (332x280x240mm)

Manual Tissue Dispenser Hand Roll

TDHR04 (380x277x222mm)

Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Half Cover

TDTR01 (140x70mm)

Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Full Cover

TDTR02 (121x118mm)

Flat Cover Stainless Steel

TDTR03 (121x118x120mm)

Hand Dryer

Auto Hand Dryer ABS Plastic Cover

HD1 (235x245mm)

Auto Stainless Steel Dryer

HD2 (265x270mm)

Auto Hand Dryer

HD3 (270x142x235mm)

Auto Hand Dryer Prima Pro-Jet

HD4 (220x300x680mm)

Ultra Dry Pro-Jet

HD5 (300x650mm)

Soap Dispenser

Auto Liquid Dispenser 800ml

SD1 (250x100mm)

Auto Liquid/Foam/Spray 1000ml

SD2 (145x280mm)

Liquid Dispenser 900ml

SD3 (250x120mm)

Liquid Dispenser 900ml

SD4 (221x118mm)

Stainless Steel Liquid Dispenser 1250ml

SD5 (200x115mm)

Stainless Steel Liquid Dispenser 500ml

SD6 (95x170mm)

Double Liquid Dispenser 350ml Each

SD7 (130x210mm)

Pump Liquid Dispenser 1000ml

SD8 (160x240mm)

Mini Soap Dispenser 350ml

SD9 (80x70x200mm)

Liquid Dispenser 800ml

SD10 (90x135x235mm)

Transparent Soap Dispenser 800ml

SD11 (90x80x175mm)

Air Refreshener

Auto Air Refreshener Plastic Cover

Measure: 85x81x238 WDH
Refill: 250/300ml
Battery: 2 unit D size

Auto Air Refreshener Plastic Cover

Measure: 85x81x238 WDH
Refill: 250/300ml
Battery: 2 unit D size